• Most Affordable Car With 6 Airbags and 5x 3-Point Seatbelts.
  • Feature Loaded By Segment StandardsThe Grand-i10 Nios comes packed with features by segment standards.
  •  alloy wheels, auto AC, touchscreen infotainment system, rear camera and semi-digital instrument cluster.
  • Respectable Fuel EfficiencyThe normal petrol, turbo petrol and petrol-CNG engines of the Grand-i10 Nios offer respectable fuel efficiency of 20.7kmpl, 20.3kmpl and 28.1kmpkg, respectively.
  • Four Three Powertrain OptionsHyundai offered the Grand-i10 Nios with a choice of 4 powertrain options, including a 1.2L petrol manual, a 1.2L petrol automatic, a 1.2L petrol-CNG manual and a 1.0L turbo petrol manual.
  • Hard ride
  • Lack of low-end grunt
  • AMT felt unreliable - only twice but scary (explained below in detail)
  • Back door unlocked on its own (thrice on its own - CS Advisor couldn't find a problem)
  • Service centre (KUN Hyun Gachibowli - car came back with a new scratch or unsolved problem every time)