• whole package in a good position. priced competitively with competitors Crossover style and H-shaped LED DRLs and taillights give it a distinctive appearance.
  • A super-refined 4-cylinder engine provides acceptable fuel efficiency together with good driveability. Versions for AMT and CNG are also offered.
  • When compared to AMTs from Maruti, Tata, and other manufacturers, Hyundai AMTs are better tuned.
  • A properly adjusted suspension provides respectable high-speed stability and effectively absorbs bumps.
  • One of the best in the sector is the precise build and quality, which includes the interiors.
  • Outstanding ergonomics with sensible control placement and lightness roomy cabins with excellent headroom and legroom for a car of this class A roomy 391-liter boot is one of the biggest in the class.
  • Some people may not be like of the edgy appearance and funky styling. Overdone wrinkles and cuts
  • Though it has a distinctive style, it doesn't truly draw attention. The Exter's small size deprives it of road presence.
  • The highway performance of the 1.2L NA petrol is passable but uninteresting.
  • No available diesel or turbo-petrol engines
  • Not as fun to drive as the C3 Turbo Citroen. Enthusiasts won't find the handling, steering, or thin tires appealing.
  • There isn't a light-colored interior theme available. Not everyone may enjoy black interiors. Hyundai ought to have provided a beige alternative. It is better for two healthy adults and a child to use the back seat. Not three adults in good health.